The Wurstmineberg Minecraft Server

Wurstmineberg is a whitelisted vanilla Minecraft server.

The main world usually runs the latest stable version of Minecraft. We don't run any serverside mods due to the work that would require. But we do have some awesome selfmade tools that really replace lots of that functionality. Sometimes a member also runs a modded world.

If you're interested in playing with us, we have some requirements. In the meantime, you can check out the Twitter section below.

Server map

We set up Mapcrafter to generate a daily overview map of our main world. It runs a lot faster than Minecraft Overviewer (which we used before Mapcrafter), but it's still kind of experimental.

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We use Discord for communication internally, since it has both text and voice chat. Because sometimes it's just nice to talk to people.

If you're a server member or would like to be, you can ask the more active members for an invite link.

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We integrated Twitter in our server/IRC bot and now we have automated tweets. Sometimes it's a death message, sometimes it's the server telling us that he's lonely, sometimes it's a list of currently online players, sometimes a snippet from IRC shenanigans. It's emotional.

It's also the easiest way to get in touch with us.

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Since we're running on an actual server that requires actual monies to run, we decided to try a “Donate if you will, or don't but it would be pretty dandy if you would” model.

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Custom Tools

We have a GitHub organization where we keep most of our stuff, like the IRC bot, the systemd service file we use to manage our worlds, and even this website. We also have three single-serving sites for the current server time, weather conditions, and time since the last death on the server (Javascript required). There's also the Wurstmineberg API, which makes a lot of cool stuff possible, like our statistics page.

GitHub Organization


When we made backups of everything on the old server, we sort of didn't check to make sure that the wiki backup was up to date. So now we have a wiki backup from 2014 as well as some downloads from the Wayback Machine. That and we're planning to write our own wiki software for increased actually-able-to-login-ness so it might take a while for things to be back to normal.

The People of 2012–2024

Wurstmineberg is not created by, affiliated with, or supported by Discord Inc or Twitch Interactive.