About Wurstmineberg

Wurstmineberg is a whitelisted Minecraft server with a small number of active people. Our main world is a vanilla world running on the latest release. We sometimes also have a second modded world that is reset regularly. We do a lot of background and infrastructure work to make the most out of the vanilla Minecraft experience.

Hosting Because Minecraft doesn't run on potatoes

Our hosting situation has changed many times now. We started out on a spare MacBook in a living room, tried commercial Minecraft server hosters, set everything up ourselves on a VPS, then a physical server, and are back to a VPS now.

For more details and a brief history of the server, read the Hosting article on our wiki.

Joining Want to play with us?

If you're thinking about joining the server or wondering how you can, read on. First, though, there are a few things we would like to let you know about what playing on the server is like.

Now for the actual invitation process, just ask one of our members to invite you. See the main page for ways to contact us.

Getting started

We'll be starting from scratch together in our Renascence project, Zucchini, this April.

Financial stuff

The Wurstmineberg infrastructure runs on a VPS with monthly costs. Members may contribute to paying for these expenses on a voluntary basis. Depending on how much money is available, we will upgrade or downgrade the hardware on which the server runs. We may also occasionally use this money for other purposes, such as temporarily upgrading the server for events like Renascence or USC.

Financial status currently unavailable, please try again later.

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