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Here's a list of all the people who are or have been on the whitelist.

Players are ranked chronologically by the date they were invited or whitelisted.

To keep player info updated, we kind of rely on the players themselves, so this info may be incomplete or nonsensical. If you are on the server you can use !People to update some of your info.

Founding members

  Name Info
avatar @jemus42

Came, went, recame.

avatar @benemitc

Only person on the server who knows how to make a building not look shitty.

Later members

  Name Info
avatar @l3viathan

Explainer of things, finder of stuff and knower of random things. Likes to move or disfigure his base every now and then, which makes navigating his base similar to playing the Portal game.

avatar @fenhl

Resident rustacean, wiki proxy, advancement completionist, builder of community builds professional procrastinator, current server admin. They/them (🇩🇪: er)

avatar @viirus42

An elusive creature which is rarely seen online and once had spawn set to @fenhl's base for several months. As casual as casual gets.

avatar @fireantprincess

A supernatural creature of Scandinavian folklore, variously portrayed as a friendly or mischievous dwarf or as a giant, that lives in caves, in the hills, or under bridges. Likes to idle in the overworld, causing bad weather and mob-related emergencies. Takes the revolution way too seriously.

avatar @efrane_

The penguin. Appears to always be online when no one is looking. King over all Blazes.

avatar @Bediko

Robot ninja zombie pony.

avatar @gilbster

Only person (except for @drseilzug) known to die by silverfish.

avatar @papierschiff

Seems to like building towers and iron golem farms. Has been in possession of over a stack of diamond blocks since before the item dupe existed. Motto: My hood is my castle.

avatar @tinuqin

Kills innocent little kitties.

avatar @Soop

Soop is bad at building nice looking houses, enderpearling and coming up with third things to end lists with. Redstone is cool. According to @benemitc, he plays on a different server now.

avatar @misterdanb

Wants to build a GameBoy® emulator with redstone logic. Supports the RMFAW.

avatar @DarkEagle

Has a mysterious connection to cobblestone walls.

avatar @bl1nk

The reason we have rules concerning the whitelisting process.

avatar @alexanderjulo

Alex is a magnet for all things deadly. Despite being one of the newest server members at the time, he actually had the highest death count until @Bediko did a singleplayer run of the first Enrichment Center.

avatar @katethie

Made our logo.

avatar @Messaz

No one even knows.

avatar @sascha

Wrote the initial version of before even being whitelisted.

avatar @Lichtlos

Once burned down the entire Derpy Hut by accident.

avatar @xsteadfastx

The owl. Lives in the mega taiga.

avatar @felis

Lady Fallsalot. From high places, into bottomless pits or out of the world (that's actually how she lost her entire lunchbox only minutes after joining the server for the first time).

avatar @madmalik

Arch-nemesis of cave spiders.

avatar @drseilzug

Want a better description? Why not Zoidberg? (V) (;,,;) (V)

avatar @monographic

He with many names.

avatar @zookee1


avatar @RainbowRevenge

Appeared together with @fenhl in a Minecraft Let's Play in January 2013, was later invited. Took a few months to follow up on joining the IRC channel.

avatar @plyspomitox

Came from a far away planet just to dig a giant hole in the swampland.

avatar @ralokt

Had apparently already read most of the wiki when he was invited.

sudo -u wurstmineberg minecraft command wurstmineberg kick __mine_creeper__ 'Too many cave spiders. —Fenhl'

avatar @katthekat

Hasn't actually played much on the server so far, but enjoys playing USC, and winning.

avatar @anealypka

Little sister of @fireantprincess. Hobbies include riding horses and blowing stuff up.

avatar @unsichtbarer

Actually not invisible.

avatar @kharadbanar

Likes branch mining and establishing nether infrastructure. Ex-owner of the horse schadenfreude. USC XVI respawn tester.

avatar @Windinc

Participated in USC 14 and has now been invited by @fireantprincess.

avatar @lordminx
avatar @jamesprince

"The ceiling is crafting tables!"

avatar @ankaku
avatar @seven_waterkant

Participated in USC 16.

avatar @gingenya

A fairly new minecrafter. Excited about small things, like setting trees on fire. Has little experience but lots of fun on Wurstmineberg. Has involuntarily almost always eggs in her inventory.

avatar @crueltia
avatar @haes2000
avatar @Erebos3D
avatar @trash_pandemonium

Former members

  Name Info
avatar @Suricate

Hasn't been in contact for over a year. His player file had been archived and removed from the world, but was later found again and added back because data.

avatar @felinira

Decided to leave for good. Wishes everyone a good time for the future. Goodbye.

avatar @Dinnerbone

One of the Minecraft developers. Was whitelisted as a joke and just sort of there for a while, but of course never actually on the server. Motto: umop-apisdn!

avatar @daborstie

No one even knows.

avatar @redstonehelper

/r/minecraft mod. Was whitelisted for just a few minutes to test MC-59321. May or may not actually be jeb.

avatar @lev3lUp

@l3viathan's brother, participated in USC 11.

avatar @dirdante

Participated in USC 12 after being invited by @plyspomitox, and then proceeded to die a lot.

avatar @SZE

Participated in USC 12 after being invited by @plyspomitox. Used to have an unpronounceable Minecraft nickname.

avatar @Hanna

Participated in USC 14.

avatar @schimbi

Participated in USC 16.

Invited people and guests

  Name Info
avatar @gurke
avatar @martin

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