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The Ender Ender 2.0 a highly efficient XP farm, located outside the main island of the End.


It is directly connected to the End spawn platform via a Minecart/Packed Ice tunnel. When you spawn at the platform, just head south.


The endermen landing in the enclosed area are left with 1 Health (half a heart). They can be slain by anthing, although a sword of some sort is still preferable due to the area of effect. Additionally, there is an Enchanting Table at the facility to make use of the farmed levels, as well as a library for generated enchanted books. For Mending books (that can't be generated by enchanting) there is a dedicated salesperson.


The farm is based on this video by Docm77. It was built on Snapshot 14w11b and is still functional as of 1.16.3.

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