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⇉ This article is about the classification system. For a list of farms, see Category:Farms.

FARM is a classification system for farms, based on requirements for the farm's operation. It is currently being developed on the talk page.

When using the classification system on this wiki, please use {{FARM}} or {{Infobox/FARM}}. Name

FARM is not an acronym, it is simply the word farm written in all-caps. The original idea was to use a numeric classification system reminiscent of RAID, and the name is a result of this. There is no consensus on whether a linear (numeric) classification system makes sense, and the current draft does not use such a system, but the classification of a farm may still be referred to as its FARM level. FARM 0.1

The first iteration of FARM was defined by l3viathan after a discussion in IRC to have something to work from. It defines a two-dimensional classification system for farms. The first character is a letter from A to E, defined as follows:

A: no interaction required, resources can automatically get filled in chests, without player interaction at all (under the condition the chunks are loaded)
B: like A, but a player needs to *be* in an area
C: like B, but a player needs to do afk-actions, such as constant right- or left-clicking.
D: player needs to do something every once in a while to keep it running.
E: intense interaction required

The second dimension is a number, which describes the relative work saved by using the farm:

1: extremely effective
2: moderately effective
3: meh
4: more work is required than saved to operate the farm

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