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The advancements project aims to simplify access to advancements in the main world.

The project can be found on the Acribbean Ridge, accessible from hub ½ ½. It consists of multiple buildings, each with an easy way to get one or more advancements, including written instructions. Currently only a handful of these buildings exist.


Not Today, Thank You

Located directly behind the entrance hall, to the left of the path, is a simple building with a chest full of shields and a pressure plate that causes a dispenser to fire an arrow at you.

Partially completed

Entrance hall

The entrance hall is the closest building to the entrance Nether portal, and contains item frames for most advancements that just require the player to hold an item in their inventory:

Advancement Item used
Minecraft Crafting table
Stone Age Cobblestone
Getting an Upgrade Stone Pickaxe
Acquire Hardware Iron Ingot
Suit Up Iron Chestplate
Hot Stuff Lava Bucket
Isn't It Iron Pick Iron Pickaxe
Ice Bucket Challenge Obsidian
Diamonds! Diamond
Cover Me With Diamonds Diamond Chestplate
Into Fire Blaze Rod
Spooky Scary Skeleton Wither Skeleton Skull
The Next Generation Dragon Egg
You Need a Mint Dragon's Breath
Sky's the Limit Elytra

The following “hold an item” advancements are not yet available in the entrance hall:

Advancement Item required
Hidden in the Depths Ancient Debris
Who is Cutting Onions? Crying Obsidian


Zombie Doctor

Zombie Doctor is the third building from the entrance portal, located behind Not Today, Thank You but on the right side of the path. It currently has a nametagged zombie called ralokt sitting in a minecart which will be used to reinfect the villager. Still missing are the villager, the potions, and the golden apples.


Enchanter is the fourth building from the entrance portal, located behind Zombie Doctor but on the left side of the path. It currently has bookshelves but no enchanting table, books to enchant, lapis lazuli, or xp farm.

Adventuring Time

We plan to build the All-Biome Railway, a minecart track that starts and ends on the Acribbean Ridge but passes through each required biome. @fenhl is currently writing code to help determine the layout of the track.


TODO: As of Minecraft 1.16.1, the following advancements have not yet been documented:

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