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The Nether hub system (originally named Newther hub since it was designed to replace an existing hub) is a grid of connected Nether hubs that serve as Wurstmineberg's universal and easily accessible Nether transport infrastructure.

Ideally, for every destination, there exists a Nether tunnel to the closest hub, so every trip can be completed by first traveling to the nearest hub, then using the hub system to get to the destination's nearest hub, and finally taking the Nether tunnel from that hub to the destination.

In practice, of course, tunnels may only be completed in Wurstmineberg time, especially if they are supposed to lead to destinations mostly used by players who mainly use elytra. Nonetheless, typically even those tunnels are completed fairly soon as soon as someone gets annoyed at their nonexistence.

Hub arrangement

The (old) main hub is located exactly beneath old spawn at (0,0). From there, hubs are spaced a kibimeter apart, and referenced by their nether coordinates in kibimeters. So, for instance, Acedia is located above hub (-1,2) which is at (-1024/2048) (x/z) in the Nether, or (-8192/16384) in the Overworld.


Around the old main hub, a ring of hubs with half a kibimeter distance between hubs exists. Their coordinates therefore contain ±½ and/or 0. For example, Naron Benh is very close to hub (½,-½).

Originally, hubs at coordinates of (±½,±1) and (±1,±½) were also planned, but these were never actually needed and thus never built.

There are no current plans to build HalfHubs around Zucchini.

Using the tunnels

Completed tunnels feature powered rail lines, so it is possible to travel from one hub to the next while AFK. Not all tunnels are completed, but walking is always an option. Finally, the cross-section of completed tunnels is large enough to practically use elytra.


Distances on Wurstmineberg can be quite large (old spawn to Zucchini is 2.236 nkim or 3 m-nkim, for instance). This means that it would still take 6:24 to travel the entire distance using the hub system by minecart even without factoring in switching minecarts at hubs, and assuming that all rail tracks are actually built (which, as of the time of this writing, they are not).

Using elytra with firework rockets, this time can be cut down to about 1:30 without factoring in slowing down at Nether hubs. However, there is a faster alternative: Many hubs have a hole in the bedrock ceiling directly above them - allowing to rocket boost a couple of hundred blocks above the Nether and then speed-glide to the destination hub. This requires practice and is only available where there is a hole in the Nether roof, but can reduce travel times even more. (tbd: measuring).

A Piston Bolt for fast AFK travel between Zucchini and old spawn is also planned.

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