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Project Daedalus

Project Daedalus is a network of Elytra Launchers.

Elytra launchers are devices that use entity collision to quickly accelerate players in elytra mode to very high speeds. A large amount of boats is stacked in one place in such a way that makes it easy for players to first set their desired launch yaw and pitch to control where they will be flung, and then fall into the boats.

It is the spiritual successor of Project Icarus, a similar network that had to be dismantled because collision detection performance significantly decreased in 1.13, meaning that the excessive lag this network caused made the game unplayable.

In 1.15.2, it was discovered that while launchers still cause some amount of lag, it is no longer game breaking.

Ground rules


In an attempt to learn from the past, Project Daedalus is establishing ground rules to prevent excessive lag from the start. Most of these rules limit the times at which launchers are loaded in the first place.

Launcher power is proportional to the number of boats in the launcher, but more boats also mean more lag. Therefore, the general idea is that the more powerful launchers are, the less they will be loaded.

There will be roughly 3 tiers:


These rules are still subject to discussion. Many of them were met with approval on discord before being edited for clarity and numbers were made concrete, but some of them are new.

Planned launchers

Name/location [Facing(Secondary facing)] - # boats

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