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The Iron Vortex

The iron vortex is an iron farm/biomaterial industrial complex built and designed by @ralokt with help from @fenhl, @jamesprince and @kharadbanar.

It was heavily inspired by gnembon's Fun Farms Episode 28, but is built to always keep all critical entities (villagers and The Zombie In The Farm) away from chunk borders, making it immune to bugs where entities despawn on chunk borders - this is important as the Iron Vortex is not located in the spawn chunks. As such, despite being permaloaded most of the time, it doesn't need to be and can be switched off if need be, for example to limit lag.

The permaloader also doubles as the permaloader for the Wurstcreature Science Infernal Apiary.

Item Storage And Other Products

The Iron Vortex built on Wurstmineberg is not just an iron farm. It also incorporates some other farms, and has a two-level underground item storage for the various outputs.

Primary storage

Like all iron farms, the Iron Vortex produces poppies, and there is a chicken in the water stream, so it also produces eggs. Item sorting and storage for these items exists on the top floor of the underground item storage.

Zero-Tick Bamboo/Cactus Farms

There are also two fully automatic zero-tick farms for cactus and bamboo above ground. Their item storages are right by the respective farms, and their overflows feed into the secondary storage, powering an auto-smelter and an XP bank.

These farms will switch themselves off automatically as soon as their overflow line is full to protect against itempocalypses.

Secondary Storage, Auto-Smelter and XP Bank

The secondary storage, located directly beneath the primary storage, is for items that are automatically processed using the primary inputs.

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