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Eating Nemo

Eating Nemo is a public afk fish farm built by @ralokt and later modified by @jamesprince located at New Spawn close to the shore. The storage room is located underneath it and can be accessed through a temporary tunnel from the Pumpkin cave. Besides fishing drops the farm also provides a small amount of experience.


To use the farm the player needs to take the fishing rod provided in the item frame located in the jaws of the shark (or any other fishing rod) and enter the fish. The entrance is on the west side of the fish. With the fishing rod right click on the middle of the side the iron trap door, aiming for the top of the armor stand that is underneath it. To afk either put a weight on your mouse or use a trick for afk-right clicking in Minecraft. After the afk session make sure to replace the rod in the item frame.

Drops (stackable and mostly sorted)

Drops (non-stackable)

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