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New spawn, also called Zucchini proper, is the central part of Zucchini, containing the spawn coordinates of the wurstmineberg world, x:-8192 y:-16384. New spawn is located in a forest biome which was largely cleared by @gingenya who is known to hate trees. Located at or near new spawn are simple farms, item storage builds, and some player bases.


When the old spawn area Platz des Ursprungs (PdU) became unplayable due to lag issues caused by the mass storage system Cloud, the Wurstmineberg community decided to relocate spawn and start a Renascence project far away from the “Old World”.

Spawn platform

At the spawn coordinates themselves, there is a glass platform giving a good view of the area. The platform is decorated with gold blocks which have traditionally been used to mark the spawn position by some parts of the Minecraft community. In the center of the platform, there is a floor cleaner which is part of the gravity dupe system. The Ender chest closest to the spawn platform can be found inside the hill, directly below the platform.


Player bases

Other builds

The People of 2012–2024

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