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Wurstcreature Science Infernal Apiary

The Wurstcreature Science Infernal Apiary is a universal beehive product farm that can be fed shears and/or empty bottles and will convert them to honeycomb and honey bottles. It is located on the nether side of the Iron Vortex permaloader and was built by @ralokt, @fenhl, @jamesprince and @kharadbanar.


The design is heavily based on ilmango's honey farm, with adjustments to make it universal - all beehives are wired up as for honey bottles, and every 5-10 minutes (every time a single chicken lays an egg) all dispensers that get stuck as a result of this setup (because they dispense the last bottle in a stack and now have a honey bottle in their inventory) get another chance to fire.

Planned Layout

Originally, it was planned to use the 3x3 entity-processing chunk area efficiently, but also not to build everything at once, using the honeycomb output to build new beehives. Therefore, a modular layout was planned that fit into a single chunk in such a way that modules in neighboring chunks could easily be connected to each other, and it was planned to build 8 such modules around the chunk containing the permaloading portal, with the center chunk also being used for item storage. A module consists of 6 submodules of 4 beehives each.

Current State

Currently only one module is built, and this is unlikely to change as it already produces more than enough items, to the point where crafting them all into honey/honeycomb blocks is annoying and storage is becoming an issue.

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