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Naron Benh [naˌɹɔnˈbeŋ] was a base shared by @plyspomitox and @fenhl located near the Swampland Hub (hub ½/−½). @fenhl has since moved to Zucchiningen and @plyspomitox is no longer active. It contains a still functional double witch farm, which @fenhl is planning to convert into a poison II arrow farm.


The name is Wanya meaning “second house” and refers to the project being @fenhl's second base on the server, succeeding one simply named Naron. Note that the word “naɹon” is misspelled as “naron”, and the word “benh”, a loanword from Naeso, is spelled using Naeso transliteration rules (it is spelled “bəŋ” in Wanya). This spelling was chosen due to Minecraft's poor Unicode handling at the time the base was named.


The planned main building's shape is defined as the set of locations where a player can keep both witch farms fully active. A 128-meter horizontal perimeter around the main building is being dug out down to the old bedrock layer at y=5, with a potential future expansion to the current bedrock layer at y=59. @fenhl has written a script which calculates the exact boundaries of both parts.


There are 3 portals leading to Naron Benh on the Swampland Hub's east wall. The central one is intended for visitors, while the northern one leads to @fenhl's private section of the base and the southern one to @plyspomitox's. There is also a portal in the center of the Swampland Hub which leads to just outside the perimeter.

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