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Zucchini is the 2nd Renascence settlement, started on April 7, 2019 at hub -1/-2. As a Renascence settlement, Zucchini was special in that we edited the world file to move the spawn position to the Overworld equivalent of the hub's center coordinates. As such, it is now the center of activity on the server.

The term Zucchini can refer either to the Overworld area immediately around the spawn point, also called new spawn or Zucchini proper, or to a larger area of the world that encompasses parts of both the Overworld and the Nether, which may be called Greater Zucchini to disambiguate. This article attempts to give an overview of the geography of Greater Zucchini and the points of interest within.


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Zucchini Proper

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Zucchiningen is a naturally generated village found in the taiga to the north-northwest of Zucchini proper. It is home to @fenhl, @seven_waterkant, and @crueltia, who each simply claimed one of the smaller houses as their own. Another house has been converted into a now defunct villager breeder. The village also features cow, turtle, and cave spider farms, and an afkable Nether wart farm in the mountains to the northwest can be found by following the signs starting at the village well.

Blast Chamber

The Blast Chamber is an industrial complex whose main feature is the eponymous block breaking mechanism which is manually fueled with TNT. Its inputs include an afkable tree farm (supporting oak, birch, and spruce), as well as stone and basalt generators. There is also a furnace array, item storage for farm outputs and all possible smelting products, and a skeleton spawner which was found during construction.

Renal Sea

The Renal Sea is a small ocean/deep ocean biome west of Zucchiningen, Zucchini proper, and the Blast Chamber. It is named for its kidney-like shape. It contains the Renal mob farm near the Blast Chamber, with a conduit-powered underwater output storage, and @ralokt's base is located on an island near Zucchini proper. A water route connecting new and old spawn, which is partially marked with buoys and passes by most points of interest in Zucchini, starts here.


Basilingen is a naturally generated village which has been fortified by the players. The harbor to the village's south features the Wurstcreature Colonialism Reenactment Center, a villager breeder where most types of enchanted books can be bought. Within the village walls, a cave entrance leads to a slime farm (TODO document the other contraptions there) as well as a Nether portal. To the north of the village is the Iron Vortex.

Port Recluse

The southern border of Greater Zucchini is defined as the shoreline of Port Recluse, another naturally generated village fortified by the players found about 250 meters west of the water route. Another village to the northeast of Port Recluse was named Skyloft after a location in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword for its floating island holding one of the houses.



Zucchini hub

Hub -1/-2 is called the Zucchini hub for its position at the Nether equivalent of Zucchini proper. Its central portal leads to the one near the beacons in Zucchini. There is also a Nether roof access ladder behind the portal.


Karotterdam is a storage room for Nether-related items, located on the north side of the hub, directly to the left of the Zucchini–Eldin tunnel.


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Western tunnels

Starting at the west side of the hub is a system of tunnels, not fitted with railways, leading to various destinations within Zucchini:

Zucchini–Eldin tunnel

Starting at the north side of the hub, there is a rail tunnel leading to the Eldin hub (-1/-4), with portals along the path leading to:

Other tunnels

Other tunnels leading away from the Zucchini hub, in clockwise order starting on the north side:

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