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Old spawn is a region in the Central Extreme Hills of the main world's Overworld around coordinates 0 0, delimited by the Not So Western Jungle in the west, the Atlantic Ocean shore in the north and east, and roughly z=400 in the south. Before we edited the world file to move spawn to Zucchini, it was a designated community area. With Platz des Ursprungs at its center, it contains several useful community builds but is now rarely loaded due to the large amounts of server and client lag produced by the Cloud.

The coordinates of old spawn being at 0 0 was a natural property of the world's seed. You can test this yourself by loading up the seed in Minecraft 1.4.2 with Large Biomes, and repeatedly dying then placing a block where you spawn. The blocks should all be within 10 blocks from 0 0.

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