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Wurstmineberg is old.

Very, very old.

So old, in fact, that its members sometimes yearn for simpler and early-gamier times, times when resources are scarce but progress comes in leaps and bounds. They considered resetting the world, but did not desire to part with it; and therefore, the idea of Renascence was born — which is a fancy word that here means “restarting in the same world instead”.


The rules are simple: A settlement location far away from any existing infrastructure is chosen. Usually, this location will be a Nether hub location.

Players that enter the settlement must remove their entire inventory, and use only resources acquired in the new settlement while they play there. Leaving the settlement to play in the rest of the world is allowed, but the inventories used inside and outside the settlement may not intermingle. In general, the rule of thumb is that entering/leaving the settlement should be approximate logging out and then logging in to a different Minecraft world as closely as possible.

Of course, there are some slight exceptions here: To allow players to enter the settlement, a Nether portal will already exist (providing the settlement is in the Overworld). Also, Nether infrastructure to get to the settlement (and possibly even a hub) will exist, meaning that there is a slight head start as far as Nether exploration is concerned. However, informally, it is not considered to be in the spirit of a clean restart to use this to rush into Nether exploration earlier than would have usually been the case.

A Renascence ends when the settlement kills the Ender dragon. Here, it is allowed to make changes to the End before the dragon is respawned that are necessary to protect existing End infrastructure.


Each settlement has its own banner design. See banners#renascence-settlement-banners for the full list.


Acedia [ʔaˈke.di.a] was the first Renascence settlement. It was started on 2016-05-01, and concluded with a dragon fight on 2016-07-03. It is accessed through hub −1/2, also known as the Acedia Hub. From the main hub, ride to the HalfHub West, then the West Hub. Continue along the tracks that lead south.

The name Acedia is a reference to the notion that having too many resources available can lead to a lack of motivation to play on the world. The Renascence project was originally conceived during a discussion about this problem.


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The start of the second settlement, Zucchini, was scheduled to coincide with the relaunch of Wurstmineberg on gharch on 2019-04-07. This time, we edited the world file to place the spawn point at Zucchini and continued to play in the general area even after defeating the dragon on 2019-11-04. The settlement is located at hub −1/−2.


A third settlement was planned for the release of Minecraft 1.16 on 2020-06-23. We started in the Nether this time, at hub −1/−4. Since this is far away from any Stronghold, we used the Zucchini Stronghold, access of which was allowed once a wither was slain.

The settlement was started on 2020-06-28 at 13:37 (Berlin time). After we made our way to the Overworld on 2020-06-29, it was discovered on 2020-07-02 that a rogue cronjob had disabled autosaving after USC 17. The world crashed during the following manual save, erasing the progress made since the USC in the Nether as well as @fenhl's inventory (which was replaced with yet another copy of their inventory from outside Eldin) and @kharadbanar's entire base, but luckily not the Overworld community base. The Wither was fought on 2020-07-12 at 15:00, and the Ender dragon was fought on 2020-07-19 at 16:00.

The settlement is named after a region in the Legend of Zelda which is usually depicted as containing an active volcano. Another proposed name, Karotterdam (a stealth pun involving the Nether and the Netherlands as well as a reference to the naming scheme for locations around Zucchini), was repurposed for Nether item storage at the Zucchini hub.


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The 4th settlement was started on January 21, 2022 to celebrate the release of Minecraft 1.18 and explore the new terrain. The Renascence continued past the release of Minecraft 1.19 to allow exploring the Deep Dark as part of it.

The settlement was started at hub 0/−3 and originally built primarily west of x=0. A pair of Piston Bolts connects the settlement with Zucchini. After the 1.19 release, the settlement also expanded to the east of the hub (positive x coordinates), where we quickly found a Deep Dark biome. The settlement is named for this plan that effectively split it into two “sides”, and after a music disc added in 1.18, which was also played during the dragon fight that concluded the Renascence on 2022-09-11.


With Minecraft 1.20 adding new content based on world exploration, a 5th Renascence is being planned to start on February 2, 2024 at 17:01 Berlin time at hub −2/−1. The name is a reference to camels which are a new feature in this version. The planned additional goal this time is to find all of the new items, including cherry saplings, all pottery sherds, all armor trims, sniffer eggs, and the new music disc, and build the Camelot branch of the museum project. Additionally, the renascence may run until after Minecraft 1.21 releases, similar to Otherside.

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