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The Perimeter is a wither skeleton farm near Zucchini. It can be used manually or automatically with wolf assistance. The downside to the automatic mode is that it does not produce wither skeleton skulls unless the owner of the active wolf is present.

Manual usage

Before using the farm manually, please repeatedly press the button near the output until there is no active wolf, to avoid hurting it with sweep attacks.

Wolf assistance

The button near the output can be pressed to cycle between active wolves. As long as any wolf is active and a player is nearby, the farm automatically produces stone swords, coal, and bones. A player standing directly next to where the wither skeletons land will also gain experience.

Each player may insert one of their own wolves into the build to allow them to also produce wither skeleton skulls automatically. Wolves are color-coded via their collars. The following People currently have wolves in the farm:

The People of 2012–2024

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