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The gravity dupe is a (still only partially operational) fully AFKable system that, once complete, can be used to dupe most gravity affected blocks at (almost) hopper speed. It cannot dupe anvils or dragon eggs.

For anvils, we have the iron vortex, and for dragon eggs, the dupe at the First Stronghold close to old spawn should still work.

AFK spot

The AFK spot is in the End, right by the exit portal.


The storage is at spawn. There are 3 entrances:

It processes items at double hopper speed, and (once done) features storage for

All dupable items get loaded into shulker boxes, half of which get stored, and half of which sent back to the End (see below). Other items are initially sent to overflow chests, and if these fill up, they are packed into mixed shulker boxes.

How it works

The player places blocks that are then pushed into the portal, duping them and sending them to spawn as items. At spawn, the items are packed into shulker boxes, of which half are stored, and half are sent back to the End through an item transport line that chunkloads itself when items pass through by sending items back and forth between the Nether and the Overworld. Then, in the End, the shulker boxes are unloaded again. The empty shulker box is sent to the gravity block dupe storage, which is at spawn, and its former contents are dropped to the AFK player, completing the cycle.

How to use


Once you have started the system:

Starting the system

In order to get the system going, we need to send some shulker boxes of dupable items to the end first. Go to the storage at spawn, and have a look at a storage slice.

UI components

The storage slices have two noteblocks - one at the bottom to initiate duping for that item, and another at the top to toggle duping for that item.

The noteblock at the top (to toggle duping) toggles whether or not shulker boxes are sent back to the end for this slice. If the redstone lamp next to it is illuminated, once two shulker boxes have been filled, one is sent to the end to continue duping, and one to storage. If it is off, BOTH are sent to storage, and the system will stop giving players that item eventually.

The noteblock at the bottom sends a shulker box from storage to the end to initiate duping. It also sets that storage slice to duping mode.

Common use cases

Duping a lot of sand

Duping a bit of multiple colors of concrete

Why not use a design that uses portal edges?

Meh. Boring.

State of completion

The system was previously incomplete. Some things that still needed to be done (as well as possible improvements):

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