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The museum project aims to build showcases for each obtainable item in the game (and ones that used to be obtainable and still exist on Wurstmineberg, such as petrified oak slabs) along with in-game documentation of where the item is stored and/or produced on Wurstmineberg. Items will be sorted by their date of introduction into Minecraft, with one museum building located at each Renascence settlement for items introduced between the start of that renascence and the next, as well as one in the old world for items introduced before Acedia. The project is currently in the planning stage and none of the branches have been built yet.

Proposed locations

*While Minecraft 1.13 released before the hiatus that concluded with the start of Zucchini, there was little to no activity during that time, and the location of Zucchini was chosen with the availability of 1.13 content in mind.

Item documentation

This section is a draft and may be adjusted during further planning of the project.

Each item will be displayed in an item frame next to a lectern holding a book and quill (not signed to facilitate editing it to reflect new developments in Minecraft or on Wurstmineberg) containing the following information on the item:

Theoretical renewability

Items are classified according to the following tiers of renewability:

The classification assumes a regular Survival world on the latest Minecraft release without cheats, mods, world editing, or version changing.

This page should include a short summary of why the item has its renewability tier.

Where to produce on Wurstmineberg

Lists one or more farms or other ways of producing more of the item existing in the main world, with directions starting from a given Nether hub, the renewability tier of the farm (which may be lower than the theoretical tier of the item if a farm of a better tier is impractical or simply hasn't been built yet), its efficiency (number of items produced in 1 hour, approximated if manual operation is required), and a list of manual inputs required by the farm (along with each input's Minecraft version of introduction).

There are several factors that may be considered when choosing a farm from which to obtain an item, such as renewability tier, efficiency, required manual inputs, or travel distance from spawn. Museum contributors should strive to list all farms on the Pareto front of those factors, and no other farms.

As an exception to the above, if the item is obtained by crafting and no auto-crafting setup exists, simply list the required inputs (and their Minecraft versions) and don't list all best crafting table locations. Museum visitors are expected to know that the Cloud's ceiling is crafting tables.

Where to store on Wurstmineberg

Lists one or more designated locations in the main world which are available to the public and where the item may be stored. This section should consider both visitors wanting to obtain an item as well as ones wanting to get rid of one. Factors to consider include travel distance from spawn, exclusivity (i.e. chests shared with fewer other item types are better), capacity, ability to store loose items, ability to store shulker boxes, ability to retrieve loose items, ability to retrieve shulker boxes, and ability to sort mixed inputs. As with farms, contributors should strive to list all storage sites on the Pareto front of those factors, and no other ones.

For storage sites which are part of one of the farms mentioned in the production section, the documentation should simply name the farm and refer to that section. For other storage sites, include directions starting from a given Nether hub. For the Cloud, also list the floor, corridor, wall, and chest number, e.g. “3rd floor, left corridor, 3rd chest to the right”.

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