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Wurstmineberg Ultra Softcore (often abbreviated as USC) is a type of Minecraft minigame based on MindCrack Ultra Hardcore. The rules vary from match to match (like on Mindcrack UHC), but the primary difference is that we give players another chance when they die from environmental damage (hostile mobs, fall damage, fire/lava). We mainly do that because we're exceedingly happy to even manage to get 4 people scheduled for a match, and having that match end after 30 minutes because someone derped up would kind of defeat the point of having a fun game.

Wurstmineberg's USC games take place on, and the main world is shut down during the event to reduce server load.


  1. The goal is to be in the last team with surviving players.
    • Players who are in the death screen or respawn timer (see below) do not count as surviving players for this rule, until they have respawned.
    • Players who have disconnected (intentionally or not) also do not count as surviving players for this rule, until they have reconnected.
    • Whether or not the Ender dragon counts as a player for this rule depends on the game mode. If she is, she forms a team of her own, named Team Glydia and without color.
  2. If a player dies because of another player, whether directly (the death message shows the player's name) or indirectly (e.g. traps, utility mobs, suicide to escape), they must either disconnect from Minecraft or switch to Spectator mode within 2 minutes after their death.
    • Players who disconnect may continue to talk in their team's voice call. They may also leave and switch to Spectator mode later.
    • Players in Spectator mode may join any voice calls but must stay muted except in the USC Lobby.
    • The Ender dragon always counts as a player for this rule, even if she does not actually participate. Dying while in the End counts as a pvp death.
    • If the dead player switches to Spectator mode, they must also leave their team call, if any.
  3. You may not break into the USC box.
  4. You may only stream/record your perspective of the game with your teammates' permission. Similarly, you may only join other voice channels while streaming/recording with the permission of the unmuted people in that channel.
  5. You may not watch other players' livestreams of the game or read their Twitch chat unless you are in Spectator mode. If you are streaming, it must be a bannable offense to post information from another player into your Twitch chat (unless you are in Spectator mode) or vice versa (unless that player is in Spectator mode).

Other game mechanics

These rules are automatically enforced but might still be nice to know:


Previous seasons

There have been 16 main “seasons” (games) of USC and 3 side seasons before Zucchini. A more detailed history of USC from before Zucchini can be found at

USC 17

Season 17 will happen on June 28, 2020. The starting time is to be determined.

The People of 2012–2020

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